Campaign Build

Set up campaign

Your Campaign Manager is the first stop for creating new signs.

Here you can create new groupings of signs, (re-)organize existing groups, and access campaigns’ public pages. As a Walk [Your City] user, you’ll start with an already created “Your Signs” campaign grouping to which you can add signs, but creating a brand-new campaign is simple:

Build signs

Now, it’s time to create the signs that will make up your campaign.

A standard WYC sign is 12 inches by 12 inches, made of coroplast, and attached to existing infrastructure (such as light and signal posts) with two zip ties. The QR code at the bottom of each sign shares directions to the listed destination when scanned.

Step 1 Where will the sign go?

Using either the search box or the embedded map, identify where your sign will be installed. Be sure to drag the sign icon to the corner at which you will install the sign to ensure accurate directions.

Step 2 What's the destination?

Again, using either the search box or map, identify the sign’s destination. Make sure the sign icon is exactly where you want the user to end up: for example, is it at the right entrance, or the right building on a larger campus? If needed, you can edit the route by clicking and dragging. The time it will take to walk from the sign’s install location to that destination will show up at the top of the map. (Again, we advise sticking to walking distances under 20 minutes.) You can toggle between walking and biking directions at this step.

Step 3 Which template should we use?

If you’d like to use our permanent signage (12” x 12” rounded square / 9” x 12” rounded rectangle, made of dibond), get in touch! Otherwise, you’ll be using the 12” x 12” square template, for $20 / each.

Step 4 Which way will the arrow point?

Your arrow direction will be determined by a few different factors: the route you’ve chosen, the direction your sign is facing, and the corner it’s located on. You may want to double check in Google Maps Street View — or on the street itself! — to make sure you’ve chosen an accurate direction.

Step 5 Choose a name for your destination.

Enter the text you’d like on your sign. This can be straightforward (“County Library,” “Central Park”), or more descriptive / action-oriented (“borrow a book,” “relax in a park”); we recommend the latter, as it makes the signs more engaging to passers-by. We recommend staying away from both subjective language (“good” / “great”) and proper names of businesses. Note that there is limited space for text on the sign -- and that in addition to English, you can produce signs in Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Step 6 What type of destination is this?

We’ve adopted simple color-coding to make WYC signs more accessible and legible: purple for commercial destinations, green for public space, blue for civic / institutional locations, yellow for amusement / leisure, and pink for transit. However, we do offer a “custom color” option as well.

Step 7 Almost done! Pick a campaign.

Add your sign to the appropriate campaign: all of your created campaigns will be listed in the drop-down menu. Then, click “Save Sign” to add your new sign to the selected campaign.

Repeat this for each sign. Once all signs are created, you can organize and order your campaign.

Order campaign

Double-check that you’ve made all of the signs needed for this campaign and that they have the correct information — then, you’re ready to order.

Review all of your signs. When ready, select all of the signs you’d like printed in your Campaign Manager, then click the blue “Order Signs” button at the top of the page. Your signs should arrive in about five to seven business days!

What’s included with your order

With each order, you'll get everything you need for a successful install.

  1. Your signs
  2. Zip ties
  3. Install guide
  4. Campaign stickers