Last Modified: February 1, 2015

  1. I agree to check with the proper, relevant authorities my own, local community rules, regulations, and ordinances regarding hanging signs in my neighborhood or local community. I understand that it is my sole responsibility to properly use these signs in compliance with any local ordinances, regulations, and laws. I also acknowledge that Walk Your City Inc. is NOT responsible for any legal repercussions that I may face from the misuse of signs produced using the Walk Your City Inc. web application sign builder.
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  3. I acknowledge that Walk Your City Inc. is NOT responsible for any mis-directions, lack of sidewalks or lost citizens in the process of wayfinding and walking.
  4. I acknowledge that Walk Your City Inc. is NOT responsible for any damage to the public realm or built environment through the action of hanging signs, walking, talking or sharing fun things with my community.
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  7. I acknowledge that Walk Your City Inc. may periodically modify these terms and that any changes to the terms are effective immediately. Because continued use of this website indicates my acceptance to the terms, I agree that I will check the terms regularly in order to fully comprehend them.
  8. I acknowledge that this document and the Privacy Policy the sole and entire agreement between me and Walk Your City Inc.
  9. I agree that walking is a simple, necessary part of life that we all could spare to do more of, and believe in the personal independence that the “choice” of walking somewhere to do something useful allows.
  10. Finally, I agree that I have read and fully understand these terms, as well as the Privacy Policy.