Atlantic Beach, NC

It's not too far.

Plan, design and install quick, light and affordable street signs for people.

How It Works

Walk [Your City] helps you boost your community’s walkability, linking informational street signs for people with web-based campaign management and data collection to complement traditional approaches to wayfinding.

Plan and design
your signs
We'll make and
ship your signs
Install on your
city's streets
Walkers scan signs
for directions

Test with a pilot before you invest in more permanent pedestrian infrastructure.


Create new, approachable opportunities for public participation.


Change community transportation choices for the better.


Help both neighbors and visitors see that it’s not too far to walk.

Downtown Raleigh, NC

Case Studies

Citizens, cities, towns, community development corporations, real estate companies, and more are already using our Sign Builder to design and install campaigns to embrace walkability in their communities.


Walk [Mount Hope]

West Virginia, USA

Mount Hope is a small town with big ideas, but they don't have the resources to implement a permanent wayfinding system. They sought out Walk [Your City] as a speedy, affordable alternative that encourages folks to walk when exploring the town’s mile-long Main Street core.

Mount Hope, WV

What's New?

December 14, 2015

Walk [Southside]

Durham’s Southside community has seen some big changes in recent years. Spurred by long-time residents’ energy and demand, the City of Durham has reinvested in the neighborhood’s housing stock and infrastructure, with the goal of increasing homeownership rates through the creation of high-quality, mixed-income housing. Their involvement, supported by local CDFI Self-Help, has spurred private... Read More

December 6, 2015

Walk [9th Street]

After the successful implementation of Walk [Downtown Durham], we were soon contacted by small business owners from a nearby commercial corridor, 9th Street. Intrigued by the opportunity to build on the initial campaign – and to support long-time local shops and restaurants! – we connected with the 9th Street Merchants Association to explore what a campaign in their area might look... Read More

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